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Nano Brows?

One of the most popular new forms of microblading for your brows, Nano Brows applies tattooed individual hairstrokes to your brows just like microblading, but using a machine instead of a manual tool. Many clients today do not qualify for microblading because of their skin type or because of previous permanent makeup. Nano Brows solves that problem and allows many more potential clients to receive the amazing full and natural looking brows they desire!



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$850 touch up not included

Nano Shading

Nano Shading is a combination technique. It’s a mixture of natural hair strokes in the front (or bulb) of the brow that gradually transitions into a shaded effect. This is ideal for clients that want a natural look but their skin type doesn’t allow full hair strokes. This is the best option for oily skin types, bumpy skin types, large pores or Fitzpatrick 5-6 skin.

$850 touch up not included

Nano Hair Strokes

The nano machine hair strokes procedure is a minimally invasive procedure whereby the pigment is implanted into the skin using a cosmetic tattooing machine with a single needle. This new procedure has taken the beauty world by storm.

$650 touch up not included

Powder Brows

Powder/ombre brow is a relatively new tattoo eyebrow enhancement which implements a hand held tool or machine with sterile needles to lightly puncture thousands of tiny dots in the brow area. The needles implant high quality pigments into the dermal layer in the skin, leaving behind an airy shadow similar to a soft make up application. With the “ombre” effect, the tail of the brow is a bit darker than the bulb and the edges gradually fade out instead of having a sharp distinct line as seen in permanent brow tattoos from the past.

lip blush

Lip Blush

Lip blush is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that enhances the natural color of the lips. Lip blushing technique gives a soft lip tint effect, rather than a full-on, opaque lipstick look. The most prominent difference between lip blushing and the traditional lip tattoo, is the fact that there is no distinctive contouring lip blushing. The desired result is a soft tint, a blurred effect that looks luminous and with no sharp contour. 

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Welcome to my world! My name is  Candace. I was born and raised in the greatest city of the world, HOUSTON, TX.

I started The Slay Summit in October 2019 because I wanted to try a different path in my life. I love drawing in my spare time so I wanted something that allowed me to be creative. After a great motivational speech from my lash lady I decided to get trained in microblading.

I went to my first training in March 2019 and LOVED it! However, I was disappointed to learn that there are groups of people that don’t qualify as an ideal candidate for microblading, so with more research I got trained in nano and ombre, machine-style services. I have pushed myself to give my clients of all skin types and races, the most natural brows around and the best experience when stepping into my salon.

Thank you for trusting me!

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Nano is the usage of a machine that has a single needle to deposit pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin to create very fine, precise strokes. These hair strokes flow in the same direction as your own hairs, yielding the most natural results that very closely mimic the look and detail of actual brow hairs.

The Slay Summit is a brow business, that specializes in NATURAL results through the use of machinery and hand held devices. Established and located in Houston, Texas, the owner is a local that was professionally trained to apply all techniques in a safe but artistic manner! Welcome!

Simple answer, nano don’t reach the same depth in the skin as a tattoo. That’s why it fades. Also, the pigments used are alot different as well.

Nano will gradually fade over time, but lasts way longer than microblading. There are clients that have not needed touch-ups for up to 3 years. However, everyone has different skin so its best to access your skin and retention and aim for the annual mark.

Your service will be 3 hours for Nano. Of course, I book extra time because I TAKE MY TIME. I do not rush anybody’s appointment. Patience is key. It is possible to have to sit still for an hour of mapping, but I am working HARD and your patience is vital.

A combination of topical anesthetic gels with 5% Lidocaine is used for numbing throughout the procedure for maximum comfort. On a pain scale from 1-10, most clients rate the procedure as a “3”, and some even fall asleep! Please note that pain tolerance will vary from person to person, and clients tend to be more sensitive while menstruating.

That’s up to you! After 2 weeks following your initial procedure, you are free to fill in your brows as normal. Most clients love how natural the brows look completely healed after both sessions, and find them perfect for a fresh face or minimal day makeup. Some use it as a guideline for filling in an extra defined brow.