What are

Nano Brows?

One of the most popular new forms of microblading for your brows, Nano Brows applies tattooed individual hairstrokes to your brows just like microblading, but using a machine instead of a manual tool. Many clients today do not qualify for microblading because of their skin type or because of previous permanent makeup. Nano Brows solves that problem and allows many more potential clients to receive the amazing full and natural looking brows they desire!

At The Slay Summit, we believe in the integrity of individual identity. Our approach is to provide a tailor-made service to the client’s overall image, facial features, and unique style. The assessment will produce a result that brings out natural and effortless beauty. It helps people look and feel their best. These are the values we stand by. Schedule your consultation today if you are searching with nano blading Houston, digital microblading Houston, machine brows Houston, Houston nano brows and much more.

What is

the difference between Microblading and Nano Brows?


  • Best suited for dry/normal skin
  • Lighter complexions
  • Cuts through the skin
  • Shading can be added for a Combination Style (Microshading)


  • Best suited for dry, normal, and oily skin
  • Most Complexions
  • Does not cut through the skin/Less Trauma
  • Longer Retention in the skin
  • Less Money Spent
  • Shading can be added for a Combination style (Nanoshading)



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Nano Hair Strokes

Nano is next generation microblading! You may know it by different names, machine microblading, digital microblading, and so many more. Essentially, it is the creation of hair strokes using a machine…


Nano Shading

Nano Shading is a combination technique. It’s a mixture of natural hair strokes in the front (or bulb) of the brow that gradually transitions into a shaded effect. This is ideal for clients that want a natural look but their skin type doesn’t allow full hair strokes. This is the best option for oily skin types, bumpy skin types, large pores or Fitzpatrick 5-6 skin…



Don’t panic if you go somewhere and your brows didn’t come out as imagined.

So you need your brows corrected. If your shape or color is off and I can modify it, I will perform a correctional service. All colors are correctable, so don’t walk around with blue, grey, green, or red brows! Let me fix that for you!

It’s very important who you shop with! Do your research and make sure your artist is qualified and knowledgeable. 

The touch-ups with corrections vary. Depending on if its a color correction or shape correction it could require an extra touch-up, 8-10 weeks apart.

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Powder Ombre Brows

This is a technique that resembles a soft brow tint or can be applied to be bolder. This does not have to be a dark look and can be a soft look if requested. It will resemble an ombré effect where it’s softer and lighter in the front and gradually gets darker as it goes toward the tails.

The Process

  • The client is asked their desires when it comes to their brows, i.e. thickness, shape, arch, bold or natural style and color.
  • The artist will map the brows according to the client's facial symmetry and showcase the brows to the client.
  • The client approves the mapping and we go over the aftercare and consent form together.
  • Service begins.
  • Client wakes up to new, beautiful brows!
  • Client performs aftercare for 10 days.
  • Client returns in 8-10 weeks for perfecting session.
  • Client returns annually for yearly touch up.

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