Discontinue Vitamins C, D, E, Fish Oil, Biotin, and Niacin 72 hours after appointment as it will cause excessive scabbing.​

Applying sunscreen daily, 4 weeks after appointment helps with the longevity of the brows and protecting them from fading as quickly.

Follow Proper Aftercare as outlined to achieve best results.

After Care Instructions

(Nano Hairstrokes/Shading)

First Day:

Your only responsibility is to keep the brows clean and remove lymph. Blot your brows every 20-30 minutes if lymph is present, otherwise clean your brows 2x times on the first day. The first cleanse will remove any pigment, blood, or lymph. Wash your hands, gently cleanse the brows with the provided cleanser, rinse and pat dry with a clean paper towel. The second cleanse later in the day will follow the same steps in addition to adding a small amount of the provided cream to the brows after pat drying.

Days 2-10

Clean your brows morning and night and follow behind it with provided cream. Make sure to apply a paper thin amount of cream. Brows need to breathe to heal. Feel free to apply additional cream throughout the day if brows feel dry and stiff.

  • NO TOUCHING. Be as careful/gentle as possible! Your retention/results depend entirely on your ability to follow proper AFTERCARE. If you scratch, rub or pick, you will RUIN your results. A few days of dark scabbing or flaking skin is NORMAL and a part of the process. Pigment will be permanently pulled out with the removal of any premature scabs and require a 3rd session at your expense… so don’t mess with them!
  • NO PRODUCTS/MAKEUP. Absolutely no harsh cleansers, creams, makeup or any other products on treated area for 2 weeks. Always avoid retinol/anti-aging creams as they fade tattoos! Makeup is OK around the brow area followed by very careful facial cleansing (use makeup wipes or washcloth).
  • NO WATER. Avoid getting them wet, no direct water on your face in the shower for 2 weeks. Crack the bathroom door during showers to avoid “sauna effect”.
  • NO VITAMINS. It is extremely important that you don’t ingest or apply topically any vitamins. This will cause excessive scabbing and premature fading.
  • NO SUN. Avoid tanning/direct sun exposure for at least a month. It’s never a good idea to make your tattoo susceptible to a deep tan or sunburn as it will cause fading.
  • NO SWEAT. Avoid heavy sweating for at least two weeks, if possible. Skip Cardio the first few days. The salinity in your sweat is BAD for healing! Participate in intense workouts at your own risk, wearing a hat/headband to eliminate facial sweating.
  • NO TREATMENTS. Do not get any other treatments on the area such as botox, facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for at least one month.
  • NO SLEEP. Kidding! But be sure to avoid sleeping on your face for as long as possible. Sleep like the princess you are!

PLEASE feel free to text me (281.670.0964) anytime with questions/updates, and don’t forget to schedule your Perfecting Session 8-10 weeks out! After 4 weeks, it is recommended to apply sunscreen daily to the brows to protect them from the sun