$850 touch up not included

Nano Hair Strokes

A full hairstroke technique that is the machine version of microblading. This technique creates hyper-realistic hair strokes that mimic the look of hair to enhance the brow. Has better retention, requires less touch ups and can be applied to most skin types from dry/normal to combination/oily. Some hair needs to be present.

$850 touch up not included

Nano Shading

A combination technique where nano hair strokes are strategically placed and then seamlessly blend into a shade to blend and fluff up the brow.

This style is great for all skin types especially clients that are lacking tails, don’t have any hair or very little or clients that are deeply melanated or have oily skin and want hair strokes.

$650 touch up not included

Powder Ombre Brows

This is a technique that resembles a soft brow tint or can be applied to be bolder. This does not have to be a dark look and can be a soft look if requested. It will resemble an ombré effect where it’s softer and lighter in the front and gradually gets darker as it goes toward the tails.

lip blush

Permanent Lips

This is a technique that can either neutralize dark lips to give a more natural tone to the lips or it can be applied as a lip blush where a pink or red tone can be added to give the lips more color.