$850 touch up not included

Nano Hair Strokes

Nano is next generation microblading! You may know it by different names, machine microblading, digital microblading, and so many more. Essentially, it is the creation of hair strokes using a machine.

Well why do we care?

I’ll tell you.

There are different types of skin amongst different people! Duh! You know that! But do you know that when the skin is richer in melanin it changes in thickness? Melanated women (more so the darker skin tones, African American, Afro Latinas, Middle Eastern etc…) they have a tendency to hyper-pigment. Microblading causes more scarring with these skin tones because its creating little paper cuts in the skin. Additonally, due to the fact that the skin is darker it tends to have more oils (even the dry skin types), so the strokes have more of a tendency to spread and melt together.

So a machine is going to give:

  • Better precision than a hand-held microblade 
  • Protect the integrity of the skin (no more cuts that cause scarring and hyperpigmentation)
  • Lasts way longer in the skin! Hello! Less touch ups and better retention!
  • Less migration

Nano can be offered to majority of skin types. This is the ideal service if you want a hair stroke look to your brows. Nano however,  cannot service the Fitzpatrick 6, super deep melanated skin or oily/bumpy skin. The strokes won’t show as well so these beautiful women should opt for Nano Shading or Ombre/Powder brows! Currently The Slay Summit only offers Nano Hairstrokes and Nano Shading, not Ombre/Powder.

I use top-of-the line, machines that are supreme in delivering beautiful crisp, SUPER realistic hair strokes!

The touch-up requires you return 8-10 weeks after your initial appointment. You should continue getting touch ups on an annual basis. Retention can take you into the year and a half to two year mark (depending on skin type and lifestyle), so its best to access your skin’s retention and book accordingly.

More information about the Fitzpatrick scale on the FAQ page.

$850 touch up not included

Nano Shading

Nano Shading is a combination technique. It’s a mixture of natural hair strokes in the front (or bulb) of the brow that gradually transitions into a shaded effect. This is ideal for clients that want a natural look but their skin type doesn’t allow full hair strokes. This is the best option for oily skin types, bumpy skin types, large pores or Fitzpatrick 5-6 skin.

Ideal for:

  • All Skin types

These skin types will have the best retention when it comes to this technique.

The touch-up requires you return 8-10 weeks after your initial appointment. You should continue getting touch-ups on an annual basis (depending on your skin-type and lifestyle).

Nano Shading is also a great technique for those who are lacking tails like the example to the right. You also should consider nano shading if you have no hair at all.

Hair strokes alone will not give the definition and the realism that hair has without the shading portion.

​It is common to think that the shading will be too bold, but shading can be layered and I am experienced in giving it a soft and natural look.

​Annual touch-ups are recommended.

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$650 touch up not included

Powder Ombre Brows

This is a technique that resembles a soft brow tint or can be applied to be bolder. This does not have to be a dark look and can be a soft look if requested. It will resemble an ombré effect where it’s softer and lighter in the front and gradually gets darker as it goes toward the tails.



Don’t panic if you go somewhere and your brows didn’t come out as imagined.

So you need your brows corrected. If your shape or color is off and I can modify it, I will perform a correctional service. All colors are correctable, so don’t walk around with blue, grey, green, or red brows! Let me fix that for you!

It’s very important who you shop with! Do your research and make sure your artist is qualified and knowledgeable. 

The touch-ups with corrections vary. Depending on if it’s a color correction or shape correction it could require an extra touch-up, 8-10 weeks apart.