the Owner

Welcome to my world! My name is Candace. I was born and raised in the greatest city of the world, HOUSTON, TX.

I started The Slay Summit in October 2019 because I wanted to try a different path in my life. I love drawing in my spare time so I wanted something that allowed me to be creative. After a great motivational speech from my lash lady I decided to get trained in microblading.

I went to my first training in March 2019 and LOVED it! However, I was disappointed to learn that there are groups of people that don’t qualify as an ideal candidate for microblading, so with more research I got trained in nano and ombre, machine-style services. I have pushed myself to give my clients of all skin types and races, the most natural brows around and the best experience when stepping into my salon.

Thank you for trusting me!

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am a BIG Foodie! Step into my salon and 9 times out of 10 that’s what we’ll be talking about, new restaurants to try!
  • I have a huge interest in skin! I am always recommending some type of skincare to my clients!
  • My favorite color is glitter! (Glitter is a color for those in the back).
  • I love learning (no seriously). I spend alot of my free time trying to expand my mind on something new and I LOVE talking to people that teach me things!
  • I am really BIG on confidence and self-esteem! Tell me how you’re the baddest and I’ll be your hype girl! Women tear each other down too much as it is.